Your boating should be fun and relaxing. As the skipper you should ensure that you have done what you can to protect the safety of your passengers and yourself whilst on the waterways.

Adding the 50 Point Safety Check to your yearly routine will help to keep you and the crew safe on the water.

The 50 Point Safety Check can only be provided by trade qualified members of the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association.

A fresh set of professional eyes may see problems that everyday boaties are unaware of, providing peace-of-mind and better awareness of vessel safety.
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“Over seventy percent of rescues we’re called to are the result of mechanical failure. Many of these are relatively minor, but they still increase the risk of danger and spoil what should have been an enjoyable day out. The 50 Point Safety Check is a smart and easy way to avoid a breakdown at sea,” Commissioner Stacey Tannos, Marine Rescue NSW.

50-Point Safety Check makes even more sense with a
$50.00 discount for Club Marine & Nautilus Marine Insurance policy renewals!

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Conditions apply. The 50-Point Safety Check is suitable for trailer boats under 8 metres long. The 50-Point safety check is not a pink slip or requirement of vessel registration. All observations, assessments and recommendations relate specifically to the time of inspection. The 50-Point Safety check is a product of the Boating Industry Association of NSW Ltd and carried out by authorised members of the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association. $50.00 is received via a discount on the renewal of your Club Marine Insurance Policy. The discount can be redeemed within 12 months of the date of your 50-Point Safety Check inspection. See the Checklist page for a full list of conditions that relate to this product.
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