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Steering system
Battery and hold-downs
Fuel tank and restraints
Fuel lines and filter
Hull and transom (visual inspection)
Instruments/dash lighting
Navigation lights
Wiring and fuses
Mooring ropes/lines
Bilge pumps and float-switch operation
(Bilge pump is required safety equipment for vessels with covered bilges)
Sea cocks and valves

Wheels and wheel bearings
Winch, cable and hook
Trailer adjustments
Safety chain
Trailer general condition
Trailer registration

Gearbox operation
Gear oil condition
Drive oil remote bottle level
Engine oil
Power trim oil
Remote controls operation
Electrical harness
Battery cables, terminals and switches
Charging system
Starting mechanism
Trim/tilt operation
Trim tab/anodes
Attaching bolts/thumb screws
Closed cooling system - (level/fluid condition)
Engine mounts
Battery (electrolyte)
Fuel filters
Air filters and flame arrestors
Engine cooling condition

Visual inspection and ethanol test
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(enclosed waters standard)
Life jackets (condition and number)
Oars and paddles
Fire extinguisher
Sound signal (horn/bell/whistle)
Waterproof torch
Bailer bucket
Safety label

CONDITIONS APPLY: The 50 Point Safety Check is suitable for single engine trailer boats under 8 metres long. The 50 Point Safety Check is not a pink slip or requirement of vessel registration. All observations, assessments and recommendations relate specifically to the time of inspection. Safety equipment requirements are correct at time of printing, but may be subject to change. Detailed safety requirements and exemptions for all vessels can be found in the NSW Maritime “Safe Boating Handbook” or at

The owner agrees that this Safety Check is to be used as a guide only and agrees to rely on its own enquiries and on the skill and competence of the Provider in providing this service. The Boating Industry Association of NSW Ltd (BIA) and the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association (MIMRA) make no representations as to the competence of any of its members and takes no responsibility for any loss or damage that might be suffered by the Owner as a result of any services provided by any member of the BIA or MIMRA, including the Safety Check.