The 50 Point Safety Check is a service provided to the boating public by participating BIA Members, and is carried out by Certified Trade-qualified members of the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association (MIMRA)

The product consists of a brief safety-focused inspection of a trailer vessel, its mechanical systems and equipment, its safety and navigational systems and equipment, as well as safety aspects of the vessel’s trailer and equipment. A report is produced by the inspector that indicates whether inspected items require further attention.

The 50 Point Safety Check is targeted to single-engine trailer-vessels up to 8 meters in length, and is to be advertised at a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of $99.00. The program has the support of NSW Maritime & Marine Rescue, as it promotes awareness of vessel & equipment safety.

The 50 Point Check will be promoted by the BIA between Easter & the October Long-weekend. Targeted for effect over the Autumn, Winter, & Spring. The promotional campaign is designed to underline the importance of before and after-season maintenance.

The 50 Point Check will assist participating businesses to address the low-season downturn in workshop business volume, and to generate new business opportunities. It is anticipated that the program will encourage boat owners to use the service annually to ensure the safety of their boats.

Participating businesses will be required to hold BIA Corporate Membership, and to have at least one Trade-qualified technician on staff undertake an induction course in order to gain Certification to provide this safety-service.

The induction material will specific to the 50 Point Safety Check only, and advise participants on the following topics:
1. Legal obligations and liability
2. Trade Practices Act
3. Pricing strategy and conditions
4. Carrying- out the check
5. Producing the report
6. Record keeping
7. Maximising participation in the program, and benefit to the consumer
8. Encouraging return business and the long term success of the program

Participating businesses will be listed on a dedicated web-site:, and all promotional and advertising material will direct prospective customers to this website in order to locate their preferred service-provider.

An annual fee will be charged by the BIA for each Trading Entity participating in the 50 Point Safety Program. This fee will support promotional activity & entitle the participant to the following:
• Induction of qualified technician(s) - mandatory
• 3 –year Certification of qualified technician(s)
• Listing on the 50 Point Safety Check web-site and other marketing material where appropriate
• “50 Point Safety Check - Authorised Provider” stickers - & - 300 D/L size double-sided flyers
• Electronic-format artwork for self-placed advertising (suitable for newspaper, magazine or other print media)

First-time registrants will also receive:
• 1 x book of 50 Point Safety Check forms (50 duplicate forms, carbon impregnated, foolscap size)
• 1 x self-inking 50 Point Safety Check “Authorized Provider” stamp.
• Ethanol fuel tester kit

The 50 Point Safety Check program will be promoted by the BIA using a variety of media including, print, on-line, and flyers to be made available through NSW Maritime, Marine Rescue, & retail partners.